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Furzero™ Purple Whitening Repair Toothpaste

Furzero™ Purple Whitening Repair Toothpaste

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Furzero™ Purple Whitening Repair Toothpaste

Furzero™ Purple Whitening Repair Toothpaste

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price
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Some submitted photos taken during their journey of using Furzero™. Congrats on their successes!

-Isabella,28,United States

 "I have had tooth decay for many years and two of my large teeth are almost hollowed out, and dental fillings still cannot change my damaged tooth enamel and pulp. Every time I ate hard, sour or sweet foods, my nerves were easily irritated and painful, and my sensitive and weak teeth made eating like a hell. It was Furzero™  that gave me the best solution, it repaired my enamel and pulp, like blocking my nerve pain, and my teeth are no longer sensitive and they're strong! In just 5 weeks, my teeth are whiter and all those stubborn germs that were parasitic on my teeth have actually been removed! "

- Harper Wilson,65,Canda

Long-term smoking had left my teeth covered in stubborn tobacco stains, causing embarrassment and eliciting strange looks from others. Not only that, but I also suffered from painful periodontitis. Thankfully, on the advice of a dentist friend, I decided to give Furzero™ a try. From the very first use, I noticed a remarkable difference. The foam I spat out was visibly dirty, and my bad breath vanished for an entire day – a result that far exceeded what regular brushing achieved, lasting only a couple of hours.After just three weeksFurzero™ effectively removed the smoke stains from the surface of my teeth. And after five weeks, it completely whitened my teeth, eliminating even the stubborn stains hidden in the cracks. but also provided relief from the agony of periodontitis.“


-Activated Charcoal:Whitens teeth, absorbs stains; removes bad breath, inhibits bacterial growth; detoxifies, adsorbs harmful substances; antibacterial, prevents gum issues.
-Polyacry acid: As a plaque reducer, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria on teeth. It helps to maintain oral hygiene, prevent dental caries and promote oral health.
-Sodium bicarbonate: Whitens teeth, removes stains, freshens breath, and balances oral pH.


Furzero™: certified oral care. Activated charcoal, polyacrylic acid, sodium bicarbonate. Features V34 corrective yellow base to hide stains and enhance shine, 24-hour long-lasting dental protection, whitening and restoring gum health, fresh breath, and no harsh chemicals.

V34: Furzero™ employs color correction techniques rather than chemical whitening treatments. By utilizing the principles of complementary colors, specifically purple as the exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it effectively counteracts yellow undertones present on teeth. The application of purple helps conceal stains, enhance shine, and provides an immediate visible improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. This approach offers a noticeably brighter and whiter appearance without resorting to harsh chemical agents.

What can Furzero™ do for you?

  • Whitens teeth
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Removes plaque and calculus
  • Prevents and treats tooth decay
  • Relieves toothache and tooth sensitivity
  • Fix bleeding and painful gums
  • Repairs mouth ulcers
  • Repairs gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Repairs tooth enamel

Let's take a look at some customer reviews for our product: 

"In the past, I neglected my oral hygiene and developed poor brushing and eating habits. As a result, almost half of my teeth were gone , and I barely noticed the yellow plaque that accumulated in the crevices and roots of my teeth until they formed stubborn calculus, leaving me desperate to find a solution. Yellow teeth and persistent bad breath had a major impact on my daily life. Since I started using Furzero™, my bad breath has magically disappeared, never to return! My mouth feels so fresh. Not only that, but my teeth and gums feel stronger and healthier. furzero™ has really made a difference, restoring my confidence and improving my oral health."

Our  stores:

At Furzero™ , we believe beauty is determined by action, not age. Our scientifically-crafted formulas deliver proven results for the beauty that lasts.


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